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Unfamiliar with summoning? Use this Anime Impact Banner guide to learn how summons work! You’ll need to summon as much as you can if you want to collect a wide variety of characters.

See the banner for yourself in Anime Impact! To learn more about the title, have a look at our guides that cover Anime Impact Traits and Anime Impact Codes – there may be some freebies on offer to celebrate the game’s release!

Anime Impact Banner

Every tower defense game on Roblox seems to have a banner these days! The banner is where you obtain brand-new characters to place on your team.

How the Banner Works

A banner features a variety of units, all of which fall under a specific numerical rarity. To be exact, there are Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical units. A single summon costs 50 Gems and a 10-pull costs 500 Gems. If you purchase the VIP Gamepass for Anime Impact, a summon costs 40 Gems instead.

The most important thing to remember about the Anime Impact banner system is that it changes every 60 minutes. The characters have a chance to rerun every day, but you have to keep an eye on the game so you don’t miss them. The banner features a counter that lets you know how long is left on the current run.

Every refresh includes a singular Mythical and Legendary unit, 1 Epic unit, and 3 Rare units – the latter being the most common rarity. The Typing of a character is also present on the banner, so choose wisely.

Pity System

If you know how gacha systems work, you probably know all about a ‘Pity System’ already. This adds up each time you summon on the banner. If you don’t manage to get a Mythical or Legendary unit within a certain amount of summons, you hit pity, which then rewards you with the unit on the current banner.

There are 2 separate Pity counters for both Mythical and Legendary units, with the Pity being much higher for Mythical. The counters reset once you eventually get a Legendary or Mythical unit.

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