Anime Defenders How To Trade Gems Guide

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This Anime Defenders How To Trade Gems Guide does exactly what it says on the tin and tells you how to rid of some Gems to buy off units, items or whatever else it is you’re after!

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Anime Defenders How To Trade Gems Guide

If you’re after a specific evolutionary item or unit then Gems might be the best thing to trade for it over in the trading hub. To trade, head into the green portal on your left from spawn. Before you get ahead of yourself, you must be level 10 to participate in trading.

When in the trading hub, each player sets up a booth selling units for Gems. The best way to profit is to buy high-rarity units for cheap. Then, server hop and add a couple hundred Gems to the original buying price to profit.

How To Trade Gems On ALT Accounts

If you have an ALT account that is level 10+, enter the Trading Hub and make sure your main account is present on the same server. From your main account, set a low-rarity and unpopular unit for the full Gem value of your ALT and purchase it from yourself.

Now with all of your new spoils, you can perform more Summons and purchase more units from other players around the Trading Hub! If you’ve looted decent units and items from your ALT from quests, missions and codes, you can trade them to your main using the direct trading system instead of the booth.

To earn Gems quickly on your ALT without much effort, either place the account idle in the AFK Zone or redeem Codes. You must be level 8+ to redeem codes, but this should be no issue since your ALT account should already be level 10+ and able to trade.

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