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Palworld looks like it make be coming to Sony’s machine in the near future. Or at least, that’s what the game’s community manager appears to be teasing.

Posting on X, community manager Bucky put out a tweet with thr whe word “Palworld” surrounded by black, green and white heart emojis. These are, of course, colours usually associated with Xbox, which is currently the only console you can play Palworld on.

“I want to add more hearts, but not sure what colour would fit…hmm…how about…” said Bucky, before adding a new blue heart. You don’t need me to tell you blue is the colour of PlayStation.

“Looks good I think!”  said Bucky in what would seem to be an obvious tease to Palworld landing on PlayStation.

Palworld released on PC and Xbox near the start of the year and became an overnight sensation. It managed to draw in 25 million players across the two platforms in the first month, a staggering level of success for a game built on a relatively small budget.

The furor over the game, which was often described as being “Pokemon with guns”, has naturally died down over time, but even now it regularly brings in a concurrent player count of just under 30k every day.

With the game’s wild success, PlayStation players understandably wanted in on the action, but while Pocketpair’s CEO did say they could be interested in new partnerships and might even be open to acquisition, no official word has emerged about Palworld heading to PlayStation.

The community manager’s tweet isn’t exactly confirmation, but it’s probably the next best thing unless he or she is simply trolling players.

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