Hoping to play Palworld on PlayStation? A recent tease suggests you might get your wish

Palworld isn’t currently available on PlayStation, but a tweet from the game’s community manager appears to be hinting its arrival.

Right now, if you want to play Palworld, the only way to do so is either on PC or Xbox Series X/S. That’s not been a problem for the game, as it reached a massive amount of players in just a short period of time after launch, but it’s always nice when games can be played across multiple platforms. There have been plenty of users online expressing the desire to play the Pokemon inspired game (I say inspired loosely, here) on PlayStation, but there’s no official word on the game being ported to the platform just yet. Yesterday, though, Bucky, Palworld’s community manager, shared a tweet that sure seems to be hinting at a PlayStation release.

In the tweet, Bucky wrote the game’s name in between black, green, and white heart emojis, following that up with “I want to add more hearts, but not sure what colour would fit…hmm…how about….” again writing Palworld between the same emojis, with the addition of a blue heart emoji either said. “Looks good I think!” they continue, adding on a suggestive eyes emoji at the end. Blue is quite obviously the main colour used in PlayStation’s branding, with black, white, and green being the main colours used in Xbox’s branding, so it seems pretty clear what Bucky is suggesting here.

While you’ll have to wait and see if that PlayStation release comes to fruition, developer Pocketpair did show off Palworld’s next expansion earlier this month at Summer Game Fest, the Sakurajima Update. This one will bring in a whole new island to explore, and some new Pals too, unsurprisingly. You’ll be able to check this update when it arrives next week, June 27.

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