A Dusty Trip Why Won’t The Car Start? – A Guide

Feature image for our guide on A Dusty Trip why won't the car start. It shows a view in-game of a car on its side after getting hit with a falling plane.

Broken down? Not really sure how to get back on the road? Or maybe you’re not sure how to start? Either way, our guide, A Dusty Trip why won’t the car start? is here to go over all the various different reasons your car isn’t moving when you want it to.

A Dusty Trip is available to play for free on Roblox. We’ve also got an A Dusty Trip controls guide to help you along.

A Dusty Trip Why Won’t The Car Start?

When it comes to moving your car, the most important part of solving the problem is finding out what the problem is to begin with.

Reasons Your Car Might Not Start

Below we’ve prepared a checklist of possible reasons why you car might not start or move, along with fixes for each of them listed below.

  • There is no engine in the car.
    • Place an engine in the vehicle. You can find one in the starting house.
  • The car lacks 4 wheels.
    • Attach wheels inside the wheel arches with the F command.
  • The car’s engine is overheated.
    • Make sure you’ve installed a radiator in the front of the car.
    • Check the water level in the radiator by mousing over the radiator’s cap. Fill with water if necessary.
  • The car has no fuel.
    • Check the fuel gauge on the dashboard to see if there is any fuel.
    • Refill from cans found in the starting house, and inside buildings along the way.
  • The engine isn’t turned on.
    • Turn the engine on with R.
  • The handbrake is on.
    • Turn off the handbrake by highlighting it with your cursor and hitting the LMB.
  • Your vehicle is stuck on an object.
    • Check under the vehicle for rocks and objects caught underneath. You can push the vehicle or pull the object out.

If none of these work, you might have hit a bug, so don’t rule that out!

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