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Our Type Soul Gods Prize Guide will go over the Type Soul Gods Prize, what it does, and how you can obtain it!

To play for yourself, visit the official Roblox website. If you’re already a player or would like more information, we have some posts you may enjoy! Check out our Type Soul Divisions Guide and our Type Soul Race Tier List.

Type Soul Gods Prize

The God Prize is a Legendary face accessory that gives you unique boosts. As it is of a Legendary rarity, getting your hands on it can be a little tricky. But fear not, we’re your saving grace!

How To Obtain

The best (and easiest) way to get the Gods Prize is through PvP, which is a game mode that allows you to compete with other players. If you decide to play PvP, you must be at Special Grade 1 or higher, otherwise, this game mode is still locked. Since God’s Prize is of Legendary Rarity, you may need to play a few matches before you manage to get your hands on it.

When you win a PvP battle, you will win ELO (ranked points), Kan, as well as a mix of different loot which can include a variety of items… and if you’re lucky… the Gods Prize! Even if you don’t manage to obtain it straight away, playing in PvP is a great way to gain Elo, stock up on items, practice your skills and improve.

Another way to get your hands on this item is by trading with other players. However, be prepared to trade some good items in exchange for it!

Gods Prize Stats

When you equip the Gods Prize, these are the boosts you will get! Pretty godly… right? If you have the Gods Prize equipped and get defeated in battle, don’t worry about losing it! You won’t drop the item even if you fall down.

  • Increase in Reiatsu Regen
  • +15 Reiatsu
  • +15 Health
  • +5 Posture

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