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Need a boost? This Korrupt Zombies Perks Guide outlines what each of the Perks is, how to get them and what buff they offer.

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Korrupt Zombies Perks Guide

Perks take their inspiration from those from COD Zombies. Essentially, these potion-like upgrades help you survive into the higher rounds against hordes of zombies and other gruesome hostilities. In Korrupt Zombies, these Perks unlock in levels rather than being purchased from a vending machine (like in COD Zombies). Now, onto what each Perk is, it’s level requirement and what its… well, perk is!

Quick Revive – Default

Heal fallen teammates and yourself quicker during multiplayer and solo.

  • Fast Revive – +50% Revival speed
  • Cleanse Wounds – Faster self-regeneration
  • Crawling Expert – Doubled crawling speed
  • Medic – Restores health to yourself when reviving a team player

Level 9 – Mule Kick

Unlocks the second weaponry slot.

  • Large Pockets – +15% more ammo storage
  • Recover Lost Weapon – unlocks a third weapon slot
  • Bountiful Harvest – Zombies have a 5% chance to drop full ammo
  • Large Pockets II – +30% more ammo storage
  • Gambling Expert – 50% chance for a Zombie to drop a powerup on death

Level 19 – PHD Flopper

Immune to fall damage as well as a small damage reflection.

  • Explosives Master – +15% explosives damage
  • Slide Master – 7% increased slide speed
  • Explosives Master II – +15% explosives AoE
  • Slide Master II – +15% increased slide speed
  • Widow’s Web – The player releases a spider web which stuns mobs when attacked

Level 28 – Speed Cola

Increased reload speed.

  • Faster Equip – +15% weapons equip speed
  • Faster Reload – +30% reload speed
  • Sprinting Reload – The Player can now reload whilst sprinting
  • Faster Reload II – +45% reload speed
  • Electrifying Reload – Zombies within a radius of the reloading player will be stunned

Level 38 – Stamina Up

Faster running speed.

  • Increased Endurance – +50% sprint and +25% stamina recovery
  • Dexterity – Move at the same speed in any direction
  • Increased Endurance II – +100% sprint and +50% stamina recovery
  • Zolt – +15% sprint speed
  • Vulture – All Perks, Weapons and Mystery Boxes get permanently highlighted around the map

Level 47 – Jugger Nog

Become a tank with much more health!

  • Improved Armour – +25% armour durability
  • Cheaper Armour – Refilling armour costs 50% less
  • Tank – +100 HP
  • Improved Armour II – +50% armour durability
  • Tombstone – On death, the player leaves a tombstone with all their items attached

Level 51 – Double Tap

Increases weapons stats.

  • Auto Reload – Unequipped weapons slowly replenish ammo
  • More Fire Power – +30% weapon damage and +30% faster firing rate
  • Penetrating Bullets – Bullets travel through one Zombie and can hit a zombie behind
  • Auto Reload II – Unequipped weapons quickly replenish ammo
  • Deadshot – +50% headshot damage

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