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The Dadish series entering the third dimension always felt somewhat inevitable. After four games of tight adorable 2D platforming – including Daily Dadish, which offered a new level every day for a year – it definitely felt like a new entry needed to do something radically different.

And Dadish 3D is different. But also it feels very familiar at the same time. It very much a direct transition of the 2D games with an added dimension. There are the same array of enemies, obstacles, and there are even some repeated locations.

Even the controls feel the same – as much as they can with the added dimension. You play as Dadish who is looking to rescue his missing children, and you’re equipped with a double jump…but that’s it. Yet it’s enough to create an array of interesting set ups and challenges.

However I am concerned at whether it offers enough for truly dedicated 3D platformer fans. Much of the joy I got here was seeing the parts of the 2D games transition into 3D. I’m not sure how much of it would mean much to anyone who isn’t already a dedicated fan of the Dadish games.

Some elements are weaker than in the 2D games as well, such as several of the enemies. Burgers and Fries are almost inconsequential in their threat here. There’s also no time attack option, despite Daily Dadish boasting one. The hidden stars are a welcome extra layer of challenge, but finding these is often far too easy.

What are arguably better than the 2D games are the bosses, which are a varied bunch and are often very amusing to talk to and fight. The dialogue is consistently excellent here in fact, no surprise considering the wicked sense of humour of the previous games.

Despite being a simple game at heart Dadish 3D is undeniably a fun time. It boasts tight controls, a good array of locales and bosses, and is constantly amusing. This is a must for Dadish fans, and worth a look for anyone else.

The good

  • Good range of locales and enemies
  • Solid controls
  • Amusing writing

The bad

  • Maybe one mainly for existing Dadish fans
  • Not hugely challenging

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