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I’ve taken Pity on you which is why I’ve created this Anime Defenders Pity Guide. Here, I tell you how the Pity system works, its benefits, and the importance of keeping an eye on it!

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Anime Defenders Pity Guide

The Pity system offers players a chance to get units outside of their usual obtainment chances. Anime Defenders has two Pity systems across its banners, the Legendary Pity and the Mythic Pity. Ordinarily, you have a 2% chance to obtain a banner Legendary, and a 0.25% chance for the Mythic.

Using the Pity system you can bypass this and receive the units without needing luck on your side! Sort of… For every summon performed you add to your Pity system as viewed beneath the units currently available in the banner. After 50 unsuccessful draws, you’ll receive that banner Legendary on your next pull. For Mythic this number increases to 400 summons.

There is a catch, if you pull a Legendary or Mythic before the Pity is full then your Pity counter will reset. This seems like a good thing, but if you pull on a banner with a Legendary or Mythic you’re not interested in then a lot of progress is lost in one go. For this reason, I’d always recommend spending 500 Gems on 10 pulls and only pulling on banners with units you’re certain you want in your team.

Limited Pity System

Luckily, the Limited Banners also have a Pity system. However, unlike the standard banner, it expires after each Limited Banner alongside the Units available. What this means is that you’ll have to spend your Gems wisely if you’re after specific Limited Units and participate in the event before it expires as your Pity system isn’t saved.

Like the standard banners, every 1 summon on a Limited Banner adds 1 to your counter for the Legendary and Mythic Pity. You need 50 summons on the Limited Banner to receive the current Legendary unit and 400 summons for the Mythic.

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