A Dusty Trip How To Fight Guide

Feature image for our A Dusty Trip how to fight guide. It shows a player character holding a gun.

Tired of getting rolled over by the mutant population? We share your pain. Fortunately, there are a few ways to defend yourself, some are easier.. and some are riskier than others. Our A Dusty Trip how to fight guide runs over everything you need to know.

A Dusty Trip is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Roblox Desert Bus titles guide for some more long journeys.

A Dusty Trip How To Fight Guide

Let’s talk about each of the different kinds of weapon.

Melee Combat

This is the easiest kind of combat in terms of finding a weapon, but it’s one of the hardest to pull off. You do melee combat by holding a weapon like an axe, or a heavy object like a kettle bell or a bowling ball, holding it out in your hand, and swinging it around at whoever looks at you funny. This relies on the sometimes fickle Roblox physics to work, so each swing isn’t guaranteed.

Use the scroll wheel and RMB (or equivalent) to take the weapon as far as possible from you and rotate it into the most convenient position to swing.


These are a lot easier to use. Just point them in the right direction, put your target in the crosshair, and hit the LMB. The downside? Well, they might run out of ammo at an inconvenient time. Keep an eye on your ammo at all times and don’t fire on everything that moves.


If you want to be REALLY sure your enemy dies, there’s always the nuclear option. TNT and C4 are way to make the monsters super-dead, and they’re not that hard to find buildings along the road. They can also make YOU super dead if you’re not extremely careful. Only for use if you’re very confident, or very desperate.

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