Zenless Zone Zero pre-release special livestream announced for June 28

Zenless Zone Zero has finally had its release livestream announced, and it’ll act as a mix between a launch celebration, a source for game info, and probably a thing that dishes out some rewards for those who watch it live. It’ll be going live on streaming platforms on June 28.

As announced via social media, the team will be revealing some new characters and official release rewards. In addition, there will apparently be redeemable codes, livestream prize draws, and more. Well worth tuning into!

In terms of timing, the Zenless Zone Zero pre-release livestream will be kinking off at the following times, depending on where you are in the world: 11AM BST / 3AM PDT / 6AM EDT / 12PM CEST. There’s no info on how long it’ll run for, but set aside around an hour to be safe.

In case you don’t know, these sorts of streams are quite common for HoYoVese games! Both Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail have similar streams for every major release, giving out free in-game currency and peeling back the curtain on upcoming content. As the first one for ZZZ, this steam’s bound to be generous and you can be sure the developer will throw a bunch of money and resources at it.

Speaking to VG247, the lead devs have stated they don’t want to punish you for taking breaks when playing Zenless Zone Zero, and that the inspirations for the game come from a vast differetn direction than you may expect!

Will you be tuning it? Let us know below!

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