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This Korrupt Zombies Venom Howl Guide contains all the necessary Easter Egg steps to complete on Map Five to obtain the Venom Howl!

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Korrupt Zombies Venom Howl Guide

The first step to obtaining the Venom Howl Wonder Weapon is to turn on the power around Five. To do this, travel to the Basement level following the ‘Power’ emblem location tags to each area and flip on the power. Restoring the power will activate Defcon 1. Next, you’ll want to interact with each Defcon post to reach Defcon 5. Doing this also gives you access to the Pack a Punch machine. The newly opened portal in the centre of the room takes you to the Pack a Punch room where you perform the Easter Egg steps.

Easter Egg Steps

Within the Basement of the Pack a Punch room, there will be a pot sitting on a counter. Shoot this to remove it and activate the recording that was hidden inside. The tape begins with “Prototype XW2”, if you don’t hear this recording followed by a message about a box then you haven’t located the correct item.

The box hinted at in the tapes is located on a desk in the L96 A1 room. To open it you need a keycard, but you must first obtain the Winters Howl weapon from the weapons box. This weapon freezes zombies momentarily, so it is pretty handy to have. Once this is done and the weapon is obtained, the player with the Winters Howl will need to kill the Pentagon Thief zombie using the gun. You can use other weapons during the fight, but the finishing shot should be from the Winters Howl.

After he dies, he should drop a keycard to open the door in the Pack a Punch room. Inside on a table is green capsule ammo, which when added to the Winters Howl gun will turn it into a Venom Howl gun. This Venom Howl no longer freezes enemies and instead deals damage over a tick.

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