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This Korrupt Zombies Map Five Pack a Punch Guide tells you how to unlock the Pack a Punch machine on this map as well as why you should!

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Korrupt Zombies Map Five Pack a Punch Guide

Pack a Punch is the process of improving a weapon to make it… Pack a punch. Every weapon enjoys packing multiple times to improve stats. Packed weapons have new cosmetics that add a faint glow to the wrap of the gun. Packing a weapon will cost cash which you earn from killing Zombies and making repairs around the map.

How To Unlock Pack a Punch

You first need to switch on the power around the Five map. The switch to generate power is located within the Basement level which costs cash to get to. The game also highlights where the power generators exist with a white emblem appropriately named ‘Power’.

When this is done, an announcement is made that Defcon 1 is active. Your next step is to activate the other 4 Defcons until you reach the final Defcon 5. Each Defcon is located around the Level 2 area. They appear as an LED banner which reads “Defcon” with a number beneath it. After flipping all 5 levers, an announcement is made which says: “Attention we are now at Defcon 5, security lockdown has been lifted.”

Doing this opens the portal in the centre of Level 2 which sends you to the Pack a Punch area. The Pack a Punch machine sits at the back of the round table. This area is also where you need to access to complete the Map Five Easter Egg to obtain the Wonder Weapon.

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