(Confirmed)Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition will launch on June 25, Ubisoft accidentally reveals – WGB

UPDATE: Ubisoft has made it official: Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition will launch on June 25.

Alongside the details we originally learned below, this new edition will also sport cross-platforms saves, the ability to skip cutscenes and autosave.

A new mission is also included which will help link this game’s story to Beyond Good & Evil 2. Ubisoft says this new mission is “showing Ubisoft’s enduring commitment to the franchise.”

Limited Run Games will be producing a physical version of the game. Pre-orders will go live on July 12 for that edition and a collector’s edition, too.

ORIGINAL STORY: Thanks to a blunder by the official Ubisoft Twitter/X account, we now know that Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary edition will launch on June 25.

The game is supposed to be getting shown off at the upcoming Limited Run Games showcase event taking place today. Ubisoft hase also delisted the original version of the game from various platforms, meaning this new anniversary edition will be replacing them. That could be a problem if the new version makes any major changes, as it would mean the original, unaltered version can’t be experienced by anyone who doesn’t already own it.

But Ubisoft ruined Ubisoft’s plans by accidentally announcing it on Twitter/X before hastily taking the tweet back down. There’s no such thing as quickly enough in the Internet age though, so the information has spread rapidly.


It’s not like this is the first cock-up, either. Just last year, Ubisoft managed to accidentally release it.

This new edition of the game will feature 4K resolution and 60fps support (platform depending) along with some new content such as a Treasure Hunt and a “re-orchestrated” soundtrack.

It’ll lauch on just about everything: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Switch and PC.

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