BEST NEWS EVER! An Extinct Float From Magic Kingdom Just Popped Up Somewhere NEW!

What’s better than a good Disney snack? How about a good Disney snack HACK?

Animal Kingdom

We’re back with another round of our favorite snack-hack game where we let you in on how you can order a snack at Disney World and, with a few easy steps, make it 10x better. Today is extra fun because we’re taking a walk down memory lane and sharing a hack for a snack we all wish was back at the parks. Ready? Let’s go!

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Our snack hack harkens back to a beloved, but sadly extinct treat: the Peter Pan Float! This float was available at the Magic Kingdom at Storybook Treats and consisted of Key Lime soft serve paired with Sprite, and topped with a chocolate feather decorated to look just like the one on Peter Pan’s hat. This was an iconic treat but sadly it flew out of Disney World a few years ago and hasn’t returned since.

We miss you, Peter Pan Float, and your delicious Key Lime ice cream

However, our DFB foodie scientists got to work and came up with a brilliant concoction that brings this once-lost snack back into our lives! So for all our Peter Pan Float fans, fear not, because we found a way for you to enjoy this yummy treat once again (and there’s no need to figure out how to create a time machine to do it).

In order to accomplish this snack hack, you’re gonna want to head over to Animal Kingdom and head directly to Trilo-Bites in Dino-Land U.S.A. This kiosk offers treats to keep you cool, like ice cream and milkshakes, as well as savory snacks like those tasty Buffalo Chicken Chips. And they also feature Dole Whips here as well, like this brightly colored Zazu-themed one.

Zazu Dole Whip Lime and Coconut Float

Which, if you take a look at the menu, is made up of some familiar ingredients… . See where we’re going with this? Once you step up to the window, all you have to do is order a Zazu Float, but ask them to please hold the coconut swirl. And there you go! You have yourself a dupe for the Peter Pan Float.

We’d say this DIY float tastes exactly like the Peter Pan Float, since both feature lime Dole Whip and Sprite. The only thing missing is the little chocolate feather, which was cute and we do miss it; but it definitely doesn’t change how refreshing this is. We’re so glad we found a way to enjoy this snack once again (see, like I said, no time machine required).


And there you have it! A snack hack that no longer has us wishing for the good ‘ol days, but instead curious about what other gone-but-not-forgotten snacks we can try to recreate. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest and greatest tips, tricks, and Disney news!

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