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This Anime Defenders AFK Guide tells you how the AFK realm works in-game, the rewards for joining and why you should bother with this snail pace system.

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Anime Defenders AFK Guide

The AFK realm rewards players for inactivity. To enter the AFK zone, head to the orange portal on the right from the main spawn lobby and join. Joining this will essentially keep the game churning in the background, slowly building a currency of rewards whilst you do other things such as work or going to school.

For every hour of inactivity, you’ll fetch around 80 Gems. Whilst this isn’t a lot, it’s better than nothing considering you don’t need to do anything to earn them! Plus, the AFK zone is available to every player. Other Gem rewarding methods such as Codes and Trading remain locked behind Level caps (Codes level 8 and Trading level 10). Spending time in the AFK zone as a new or seasoned player helps you generate those much-needed gems for Summons to get better units.

AFK Zone Rewards

When inside the AFK Zone, there are a few different ways to boost your Gem income. Players less than level 10 have a 50% lower income rate to deter alt-accounts from overusing this system. Inside the AFK Zone, you view the current multiplier next to the countdown timer. The ways to boost your multiplier include the following:

  • Level 10 – Receive a permanent 1x multiplier when you reach level 10 and above. This is the only F2P option to boost your income.
  • VIP – Purchasing the in-game VIP Gamepass will offer a permanent 2x multiplier booster amongst other perks outside of the AFK Zone.
  • Premium – If you pay for Roblox Premium, you’ll automatically receive a 2x multiplier booster within the AFK Zone.
  • VIP and Premium – Combine both the previous options and receive a permanent x3 Gem booster which is the maximum boost available currently.

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