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The 2023 title from the master developers at Respawn Entertainment might be coming to last-gen platforms quite soon if a Brazilian ratings board is to be believed.

Eagle-eyed Andrew Marmo spotted the ratings and shared them on Twitter/X, stating that it had “recently” been rated for Xbox One and PS4.

It’s difficult to ascertain exactly when the new ratings were added. Going back through available PDFs, the initial listing was just for the PS5, PC and Xbox Series versions, so we can at least rule out the PS4 and Xbox One listings being present from day 1. Aside from that, I can’t find any way to tell exactly when the listing was updated to include the last-gen machinery.

We actually knew the game was going to be ported over to previous generation of consoles. During an earnings call in 2023, publisher EA’s CEO announced that the game would arrive on PS4 and Xbox One “sometime over the coming year.” This was seemingly due to “community demand” which does make sense: PS4s still account for half of PSNs active users, meaning there’s a lot of potential customers hanging onto their older hardware.

However, the community themselves were a tad baffled. Jedi Survivor launched with a lot of performance woes. Respawn worked hard to get the performance up to the level expected of a Jedi Master and have been mostly successful, but even to this day there are still big framerate drops reported by players. At the time EA said the game would be coming to last-gen consoles, the performance was better but still rough, making the Star Wars community wonder exactly how the old machines would be able to cope.

Presumably fixing Jedi Survivor’s technical issues and trying to get it running on the PS4 and Xbox One has been why we haven’t heard anything from EA or Respawn about the game releasing for last-gen consoles.

If this new rating is anything to go by, an announcement will probably be made in the next few months.

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