Slay The Spire-Style Deckbuilder Vault Of The Void Drops On Mobile!

Vault of the Void is now available on mobile (Android and iOS)! This roguelite card game first dropped for PC players in October 2022. It’s been called a game that’s taken all the best parts of deckbuilders like Slay the Spire, Dream Quest and Monster Train. If you haven’t played this one yet, let me give you all the details about it.

Vault of the Void mobile has been developed and published by Spider Nest Games. Despite being compared to other popular deckbuilders, it adds its own uniqueness to the genre. On Android, you can grab it for $6.99.

What Is The Vault Of The Void Mobile?

The game hands you four distinct classes to play with, each with a different playstyle. Whether you want to brawl, outwit or outlast your foes, there’s a class for that. It also offers over 440 unique cards, 320+ artefacts and 90+ monsters. Apart from all these, you get Void Stones, which let you infuse your cards with new abilities.

You can also swap cards in and out from your sideboard with the help of the backpack. Found a card that’s not working out? Swap it out. Got a better combo in mind? Go for it. This level of customization means no two runs are ever the same. You also get a scaling difficulty system and a plethora of ‘Challenge Coins’.

The game puts you in control. You know your card rewards in advance and can preview enemies before each fight. The game’s design makes sure that every card has its place and purpose. It’s more of a strategic puzzle where your choices matter.

Since we’re on it, take a look at the mobile trailer of Vault of the Void below!

Will You Try It Out?

If you’re someone who loves the strategy and depth of games but hates the randomness that can come with some roguelikes, Vault of the Void mobile is a perfect fit. You can check it out on the Google Play Store. You can also check out the official website for the latest updates and events.

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