Roblox Desert Bus Titles Guide

Feature image for our Roblox Desert bus titles guide. It shows a view in-game of a desert road stretching off into the future.

Want to distinguish yourself from the common plebs riding the desert bus and stand out? Well, this is the place for you. Our Roblox Desert Bus titles guide outlines the titles, and tells you what you need to get them… if it’s one we’ve figured out!

Desert Bus is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Korrupt Zombies perks guide.

Roblox Desert Bus Titles Guide

Let’s go over all the different titles and how to get them.

  • Acid – Stand in acid rain for 30 seconds.
  • Animator – Exclusive. Contribute to the game’s emotes.
  • Annotator – Buy and place 20 note papers.
  • Bon Voyage – “Farewell.. Starman..”
  • Button Master – Press The Button 5,000 times.
  • Cactus Whisperer – “Really?”
  • Cheesy – Get Cheese from Yummington.
  • Closeted – Shut yourself inside the bus’ closet.
  • Collector – Collect all other titles, aside from Exclusive ones.
  • Companion – Stay in a server with one of your friends for an hour.
  • Chef – Get over 300 points from the Food Critic at the burger trailer.
  • Cooked – “You’re clearly not supposed to go in there.”
  • Decorator – Buy every bus decoration.
  • Determined – Exclusive.
  • Donator – Exclusive. Donate to the game.
  • Driver – Sit in the driivng seat for over an hour.
  • Duckie – Help The Button reach 50,000 clicks.
  • Enduring – Stay in a server for over an hour.
  • Experienced – Encounter 50 events.
  • Explosive – Die to C4.
  • Fashionista – Get a wobbly accessory.
  • Freebird – Get fired off the trailer by the trapdoor.
  • Glass Breaker – Break the bus’ skylight by jumping on it.
  • Goner – Try to go back home.
  • Long Suffering – Stay in a server for over 10 hours.
  • Model – Wear three wobbly accessories at the same time.
  • Night Rider – Drive the bus during nighttime.
  • Petitionist – Fill out your whole petition.
  • Playtester – Exclusive. Take part in the beta test.
  • Premium – Have Roblox Premium acting when you join.
  • Resilient – Stay in a server for over 5 hours.
  • Short Circuit – Hit the fuse box.
  • Smasher – Smash the table.
  • Tax Evader – Exclusive.
  • Thirsty – Empty the vending machine in the trailer.
  • Top Donator – Become the biggest donator on the board.
  • Unlucky – Die on the Wheel Of Fortune
  • VIP – Exclusive. Buy the VIP Gamepass.
  • Voyager – Travel 200 miles.

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