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Feature image for our Monkey Rafts codes guide. It shows a player character monkey named Furious George.

Want to pave your way to more golden bananas? Promo codes are a way many Roblox games give free rewards to the players. So, are there any in Monkey Raft? That’s what our Monkey Raft codes guide sets out to find out. We’re on the hunt for codes, and any other way to get some easy rewards without busting your tail.

Monkey Raft is available right now on Roblox. If you’re hunting for some more codes, we’ve also got a Big’s Murder Mystery 2 codes guide.

Monkey Raft Codes Guide

First, we’ll discuss if there are any active codes, and then we’ll hunt for a code redemption process. Finally, we’ll discuss other ways to earn some extra rewards.

Active Codes

This is where we’ll put any active codes we find in-game.

  • There are no active codes available Monkey Raft right now!

How To Redeem Codes

Here’s where we detail any code redemption process we find in the game.

  • There is no code redemption mechanic at the moment!

Roblox games often add mechanics with subsequent updates, so it’s possible that a code redemption mechanic might appear in a new update. We’ll keep an eye on this and update the game if we see any major change.

Are There Any Rewards Without Codes?

No codes, no worries. We’ve got a few ways to earn rewards easily.

  • Grand Tree – Who said lobbies have to be boring? While you’re waiting to hop into a game, don’t forget to explore. There are gold banaas scattered around the Grand Tree ready for you to pick up.
  • Quests – There are tutorial quests, achievements, daily and weekly quests. These all have different rewards, and you might complete a bunch of them just through playing normally, so make sure to check in on the quest window from time to time.

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