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This Korrupt Zombies Weapon Tier List ranks every gun from the best to the worst so you know which to grab from the box to pop zombies.

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Korrupt Zombies Weapon Tier List (June 2024)

Let’s get into the rankings! Don’t forget that tiers are subjective so whilst these rankings have been crafted from personal gameplay, player feedback and research, you still might disagree. I encourage you to bookmark this tier and check back for future rankings as more weapons and current power scaling shift around!


The best of the best weapons! If you want to improve these weapons further don’t forget to Pack a Punch them. Though, even standalone they do pretty well at taking down the horde.

  • Venom’s Fury
  • Winter’s Howl
  • Crossbow
  • Ray Gun
  • M249
  • Toz-34
  • Spas-12
  • R870


Great alternatives to those in the S-Tier. These weapons still hold their own and stunt versatility and strength, they’re just not my absolute first choice.

  • RPG
  • M1911
  • Makarov
  • Deagle
  • MP7
  • UMP-45
  • M14
  • AUG
  • Scar-H
  • SKS


These weapons are quite average. They perform ok, especially during early rounds but aren’t ideal if you plan on a long game. I’d recommend these as your secondary weapon at best.

  • M27 LAW
  • Flamethrower
  • P90
  • MP5
  • Glock 17
  • M4A1
  • AS Val
  • L96A1


Moving into the lower tier, I’m not the biggest fan of these guns. They’re weak, but not the absolute worst.


I would not recommend using these guns at all! Hit the box for more weapon options immediately.

  • There are currently no D-Tier-ranking weapons! This is a good thing as all of your options are at least better than the absolute worst.

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