Fallen London Moon Pearls Guide – How To Make Early Game Moon Pearls Easily

Feature image for our Fallen London moon pearls guide. It shows the map of Fallen London, with views of Veilgarden and Spite.

New to the Fifth City and eager to start amassing wealth? Or just eager to get your hands on some currency without taking off to Zee? Welcome to our Fallen London Moon Pearls guide, delicious friend! Here we go over some easy options to earn Moon-Pearls, which won’t force you into midgame or late-game sources.

Fallen London is free to play in your browser. For a whole different London, check out Reverse 1999 best team guide.

Fallen London Moon Pearls Guide

Let’s get into it.

About Moon-Pearls

Moon-Pearls are one of the major currencies of Fallen London, and are a Zee Treasure item, and the most basic one in the category. This paves the way for more advanced items like Ambiguous Eoliths and Live Specimens. It’s also used to buy various different things in London, including entry into the Carnival and the tickets needed for the attractions.

How To Get Moon-Pearls Easily

When you start out the pearls can be tricky to find, so here are a few easy early-game options to amass Moon Pearls.

  • Buy from Merrigans’s Exchange in The Bazaar. They cost 0.3 Echoes each.
  • Courier’s Work in The Alleys Of Spite, in… Spite.
    • ‘Take a long, safe, observed route.’ rewards 10 Moon-Pearls on a a success on a Shadowy roll.
    • ‘Attempt a shortcut through a more dangerous area’ rewards 20 Moon-Pearls on a success on a Shadowy roll.
  • Chatting with the Local Gossip at your Lodgings about Mrs Plenty’s Carnival will give you a one-time reward of 50 Moon-Pearls and open up a route to the Carnival area for the future.
  • You can sometimes Assist A Ragged-Sleeved Academic in The Clay Quarters in Ladybones Road once you’ve unlocked the area.

These should tide you over until you have a chance to unlock other areas, or amass enough Echoes that you can buy pearls in bulk.

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