Anime Defenders What Does Gold Do Guide

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Our Anime Defenders What Does Gold Do will go over all the uses of Gold in Anime Defenders, as well as how you can get some more!

You can play Anime Defenders on the Roblox website. We also have an Anime Defenders How To Get Gems and an Anime Defenders Cursed Archer Guide.

Anime Defenders What Does Gold Do Guide

Let’s get rich!

What Does Gold Do?

The main currency in Anime Defenders is Gems, however there is also Gold! It’s just as important as Gems, so it’s important to know about it.

Gold is used for crafting different items in Anime Defenders. To craft items, you will need Gold as well as a few other materials (usually Star Rifts). Using items you have crafted, you can evolve units into stronger units. It’s important to note that only units of a Mythic and Secret Rarity can be evolved.

Gold is also important when it comes to Guilds. You can deposit Gold into a Guild Bank for great benefits! Doing so will expand member slots, unlock new colours you can use for your Guild, and allow you to climb up the leaderboard.

How To Get Gold

Now let’s look at the different ways you can get Gold!

  • Units – You can sell units for Gold. Units of higher rarity will give you more Gold compared to units with lower rarity. So for example, Mythic units will give you a lot more Gold than a Rare unit would.
  • Quests – Anime Defenders has Daily and Weekly Quests you can complete. Upon completion, you get the chance to win Gold, Gems, Risky Dice, Crystals, items, and more!
  • Challenges – Competing in and winning Challenges will also give you a variety of rewards including Gold, Gems, Star Rifts, Meat, and Alien Fruit. Challenges refresh every hour, meaning the rewards you can get will refresh too!
  • Purchasing – You can purchase Gold in the shop by using Robux… however I think it’s more fun to compete in the quests and challenges!

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