Type Soul Empress Of Light Res Guide

A new resurrection is upon us! Empress Of Light, or Light, just dropped in Type Soul, and we’re super excited to take it for a spin… though the super high rarity might get in the way. Our Type Soul Empress Of Light Res guide is here to put together what we know so far about the super-rare resurrection, its moves, and how to get it for yourself.

Want to play Type Soul for yourself? Try it out on Roblox. We’ve also got a Type Soul Arrancar Progression guide for other aspects of life after the mask break.

Type Soul Empress Of Light Res Guide

Here we’ll go over some general details, and the moveset!

About The Empress Of Light Red

Empress Of Light is the only Mythical-Rarity resurrection in Type Souls. You have a 0.5% chance of rolling light with every Res reroll. So, if you’re out to get it be prepared to do a ton of rerolls.

Light Res Moveset

These are the moves we’ve been able to confirm for the Res so far.

You can unlock two of these moves straight after unlocking Partial Resurrección. You need to achieve Full Resurrección to unlock more.

Z – Prismatic Bolt – Ranged attack with homing light projectiles that inflict a stun.

X – Starlight Surge – A charging melee attack. Breaks Block.

C – Luminant Beacon – An uppercut, jump, and attack downward combo. Breaks Block.

Sun Dance – Restricted to Full Res.

Lux – Restricted to Full Res.

Light Segunda

As of the writing of this guide, Empress Of Light Segunda moves are bugged and do not work. If you have Segunda for the Light Res, we don’t recommend popping it until Empress Of Light is fixed, because you might find yourself unable to do anything at all in the middle of a fight, which is… not ideal.

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