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Our Type Soul Empress Of Light Guide covers all there is to know about this rare resurrection, including how to get it, and the moves it has.

You can play Type Soul on the Roblox website. We also have a Type Soul Soul Weaver Quest Guide and a Type Soul Rukon District Guide.

Type Soul Empress Of Light Guide

The Empress Of Light (also known as Light… no, not the Death Note character) is a Mythical Rarity resurrection. As it’s of Mythical rarity, it’s harder to obtain in comparison to others. Light only has a 0.5% chance of being rolled with each Res Reroll. I know it sounds almost impossible… almost like a… Myth. But, I’d say the time it takes is worth it, as it has some great moves!

Empress Of Light Segunda

I hate to bring bad news… but the Empress Of Light Segunda moves don’t actually work just yet… they’re still glitching out! If you happen to have Segunda for the Light Resurrection, hold off on using it. If you do use it, there is a chance it will glitch out and cause you to be stuck and unable to do anything in battle. Fear not, as we’re the light at the end of the tunnel, and we’ll update this post when we know more. This guide was updated on June 19th, 2024. Make sure you save this page and return it when we have more information.

Different Light Moves

Unfortunately, only two of the moves from the list below are unlocked after you unlock the Partial Resurrección. If you want to unlock the rest of the moves, you will need to achieve the Full Resurrección.

As this is still a relatively new resurrection, more moves may be added later on. But here are all the moves we’re aware of and how to use them!

  • Starlight Surge (X) – charging melee attack which Breaks Block
  • Luminant Beacon (C) – A combination of different attacks in one! This uses attack, jump, and uppercut to defeat enemies quickly. It also Breaks Block
  • Prismatic Bolt (Z) – This attack has a large range ,which stuns opponents with light projectiles
  • Sun Dance This is restricted to when you have unlocked the Full Resurrección. We’ll add the information here when we know more!
  • Lux – This move is also restricted until you have unlocked the Full Resurrección. Make sure to check back to make sure you don’t miss out on any information.

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