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Want to know the best units for Tower of Eternity in Anime Defenders? Take a look at our top recommendations and why we’ve chosen them!

Climb each floor with ease in Anime Defenders with the best team around! For more information about the latest game mode, read our Anime Defenders Tower of Eternity guide.

Best Units For Tower of Eternity in Anime Defenders

Ready to dive into the Tower of Eternity to climb each floor? Before you go in headfirst, make sure your team is up to scratch! Here are our top picks for the best units for the Tower of Eternity.

Donut Master

The Donut Master is a universal meta unit for all content but excels in raid content and the Tower of Eternity. He’s great to use against large waves of enemy mobs, making him a strong addition to your Tower of Eternity team. His attacks inflict enemies with the Slow debuff, which decreases their movement across the field. This allows your other units to whittle down the enemy’s shields and HP bars.

The Pro Gamer/The Gamer

I’ve put both of the variants here as the evolved and non-evolved Gamer units are fantastic overall. The Pro Gamer (the evolved version of The Gamer) is significantly stronger in raids against sizable mob waves. The pre-evolved variant is also strong, so there’s no harm in using them! Still, I suggest evolving The Gamer as soon as possible before you head into the Tower of Eternity.

Rift Sorcerer

The Rift Sorcerer is one of the strongest units in the game right now. As a Secret unit, his stats and abilities are much more powerful than the others. Not only part of the meta for the story mode, raids, and a meta unit overall, the Rift Sorcerer stands out in the Tower of Eternity due to his hybrid skills.

AoE attacks are your best friend in any battle, striking down multiple enemies at once. Depending on the upgrade, the Rift Sorcerer attacks with AoE circles or lines, so just make sure to place him where he can target a sufficient amount of enemies at once!

Flame Dragon God

The Flame Dragon God excels in almost every game mode in Anime Defenders. However, we’re here for the Tower of Eternity! Strong in raids, the Flame Dragon God blasts through the Tower of Eternity no matter who else he’s paired with. Inflicting enemies with the Burn debuff, he not only provides DoT attacks, but he also fights with powerful AoE abilities. The range of the AoE increases as you upgrade him!

Cursed Knight

This unit is fantastic to use alongside your most powerful DPS characters. He provides team buffs that increase their DMG by 5%, whilst inflicting the enemy with Vulnerability. Strike while they’re weak, and with the DMG boost you’ll be blasting through them in no time.

Proficient Sharpshooter

While the original Sharpshooter is lacklustre, the evolved variant is so much more than that. The unit shifts into a meta powerhouse that attacks from atop hills, staying far away from enemies whilst still dealing high damage. If you have the Sharpshooter, craft 2 Sky-Splitting Bows and evolve immediately!

Pink Rockstar

The Pink Rockstar is known as the best farming unit in the game by far. Your cash income increases exponentially if you have this unit on your team. The more in-game money you have, the quicker you can upgrade your best units. The Bloomer is a great alternative if you don’t have The Pink Rockstar, and she’s only an Epic unit, so she’s much easier to obtain!

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