The $23 Disney Item You Can Use Year Round

Some Disney souvenirs are only useful at certain times. If you get a Disney-themed Halloween costume, you really can only use that during spooky season (unless you have a Disney costume party at another time of the year, which we think should totally happen). If you get a Christmas tree ornament, that’s pretty much just coming out for the holidays. Those Disney flip-flops are probably limited to the summer season. But there’s one souvenir that’s 100% useful ALL YEAR ROUND!

Cinderella Castle

You can grab this handy item on Amazon, which makes it all the more convenient.

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Now, let’s check out this handy souvenir!

Welcome to Our Home sign

If you love Disney-themed home decor, this front door sign is for you! The sign says “Welcome To Our Home” and the “o” in “home” is Mickey-shaped. That shape is interchangeable, and the sign comes with a BUNCH of different seasonal Mickey designs.

All the different Mickeys

In fact, there are seventeen different seasonal Mickeys: a traditional Mickey with his red shorts and yellow buttons, an Easter Mickey with a decorated eggshell and bunny ears, a party Mickey with confetti and a hat (for birthdays or other celebrations), a snowy Mickey for winter, a fall Mickey with a leaf and acorns, a football-themed Mickey, a Mickey glove hand, a Mickey jack-o-lantern, a Santa Mickey, a “love” Mickey for Valentine’s Day, a lemon Mickey for summer, a Donald Duck-themed Mickey, a green and pastel floral Mickey for spring, Minnie, a turkey Mickey for Thanksgiving, a St. Patrick’s Day Mickey, and a Fourth of July American flag Mickey.

You’ll never have to put this sign in storage! Instead, you can just swap out the Mickey for the next upcoming holiday or event (though in my house, I’ll have trouble convincing my husband to switch it off of the football Mickey, as he celebrates and anticipates that season pretty much all year round).

The sign hanging on the door

At just $23, this item is a great deal for a home decor piece that you can use throughout the seasons. You’re not likely to find home decor in the parks for that cheap!

The sign is made of MDF wood and painted to look vintage. The diameter of the full sign is about 10.2″, and the Mickey shapes are about 2.3″ wide. Out of almost 500 reviews on Amazon, about 76% of those are 5-star reviews. Customers said they like how easy it is to change the theming of the sign, and many noted that it makes a great housewarming gift, too!

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