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Struggling with the monstrous crew of the Beira D and need a bit of advice? You’re in the right place. Our Still Wakes The Deep Monster guide runs over how to outwit or outrun all of the horrible creatures on the rig.

Beware, this guide contains story spoilers, so use caution in reading ahead from here.

Still Wakes The Deep is available now on Steam. We’ve also got a Still Wakes The Deep achievements guide to help you 100% the game.

Still Wakes The Deep Monster Guide

Let’s cover each of the different monsters, and what you need to do to avoid them.


Gibbo is the first enemy you’re likely to run into. Or, at least, you’ll hear him in your first trip through Engineering. Fortunately, you don’t need to do too much. Gibbo is pretty passive, and I was not attacked by him at all in my trip through Engineering. Expect to get a little spooked, but not to be in a lot of danger.

Trots (First Encounter)

Trots is found in Accommodation and steps up the danger a little. You will need to sneak past him in Laundry to escape, and it’s time to understand the distraction mechanic. If you just try and slip past he will probably catch you. Slip through the cabinets in the Laundry as a hiding spot. Find one of the objects lying around the area and throw it over to the other side of Laundry. Trots should follow the noise, giving you plenty of time to slip out.


Muir roams around on the deck, and his high vantage point makes him a big danger for anyone trying to cross. Try and stay under cover as much as you can, and wait until he passes out of the way before you make a move for the next piece of cover. You can run for cover, but he will hear you as soon as you start sprinting so make sure you know where you’re headed if you’re going to sprint. Good luck.

Rennick (First Encounter)

No sneaking here, you just need to run. Keep as much distance as you can between yourself and Rennick. He’s fast, but you can fit in smaller spaces than he can. Be prepared to quickly change directions to stay out of his way and get ready to hit the ground running.

Addair (First Encounter)

Addair is lurking in Engineering as you go to restart the generators. He’s pretty aggressive, but he’s not too smart. Use objects to distract him and he’ll easily wander off to the other side, leaving you plenty of time to make your move.

Addair (Second Encounter)

Addair will come outside to hassle you on the Flare Stack. This time you need to run, and try to keep your footing on the precarious walkway while staying out of his way. Keep going and he’ll eventually take himself out.

Trots (Second Encounter)

Back in Accommodation sees you run into Trots again. Use the vents to sneak around him at the start. Eventually, he’ll spot you whatever you do, and then you’ll have to run.

Rennick (Second Encounter)

The final encounter with Rennick takes place as water floods the block. Keep one step ahead of him in the chase, and that water will eventually be his undoing. He tells you not to leave him, but we’re not sure you exactly owed the guy any favors.

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