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Want to conquer every challenge the Beira D has to throw at you? Our Still Wakes The Deep achievements guide runs over each of the Steam achievements and how to unlock them, including the hidden objectives.

Still Wakes The Deep is out now on Steam. We’ve also got a guide on how long is Still Wakes The Deep.

Still Wakes The Deep Achievements Guide

Let’s go over each of the different types of achievements and what they are.

Progress Achievements

These are achievements you get through in-game progress. Story spoilers ahead!

  • The Sickening Of The Calm – Survive the initial event on the Beira D.
  • Breathe In, Breathe Out, Repeat – Escaped from Engineering for the first time.
  • All Beans And Forgiveness – Head to the canteen and talk to Roy.
  • Home By Christmas – Try to launch a lifeboat from the lifeboat station.
  • Everything Breaks – Survive the helicopter crash.
  • I Am The King – Escape from Rennick for the first time.
  • Eye Of The Needle – Get back to Roy in the Canteen.
  • Compression Ignition – Restart the generator.
  • Into The Belly Of The Beast – Complete Engineering a second time.
  • Beacon In The Dark – Relight the Flare Stack.
  • Surfacing – Escape the Pontoons.
  • Treading Water – Escape Flooded Engineering
  • Beaufort Eleven – Reach the roof of Accommodation.
  • Leviathan – Rebalance the Beira D.
  • The Drowning Of Davey Rennick – Defeat Rennick.
  • The Horrors Sings – Enter The Derrick.
  • Still Wakes The Deep – Complete the game.

Optional Achievements

Achievements that you can miss in a playthrough, but aren’t hidden.

  • Social Butterfly – Talk to all the NPC crew around in the intro, before you speak to Rennick.
  • Snoop – Look inside every accessible crew cabin. You can enter most in the intro, but some you’ll only get into during later Accommodation sections.
  • Walking Simulator – Complete the game without sprinting for more than ten minutes in total. (I got this one without trying.)
  • General Strike – Throw an object at a monster and hit it.
  • Fahrenheit 0451 – Use an extinguisher to put out a fire.
  • Cerebral Anoxia – Drown in an inside rig section.
  • Greased Scotsman – Sprint in all the traversal segments.
  • Full Fathom Five – Die in five different locations by falling into the sea.
  • Jetsam – Throw an object into the sea.
  • Clear Down – Listen to all optional phone calls.
  • Bheir an cuan a chuid fhein a-mach – Complete the game with the Scottish Gaelic language option.

Hidden Achievements

These are achievements that aren’t revealed immediately.

  • McLeery – Spend a bit too much time looking at the fellow in the Accommodation shower area.
  • Leaning Into It – Spot a monster leaning around a corner.
  • Body Count – Find every dead crew member in the course of the playthrough.
  • Good with the ‘Leccy – Complete all possible electrical interactions.
  • No so Good with the ‘Leccy – Die to all types of electrical hazards.
  • Sailing By – Listen to the full Shipping Forecast broadcast in Admin.
  • Me And My Spoon – Find Roy’s Spoon after the sinking.
  • Look At All This Mess! – Throw fifty different items.
  • Finlay Destination – Find all possible ways to die on the Beira D.

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