Reverse 1999 Best Team – What’s The Best Lineup?

Trying to decide who takes up a precious slot in your Reverse 1999? We’ve set out to try and figure out the best team combination to get you through the toughest battles the game has to offer. Our Reverse 1999 best team guide goes over our personal faves.

Reverse 1999 is a time-hopping adventure where you cross the eras to find the answer to a catastrophic mystery. From Ancient Greece to the roaring Twenties, to the swinging Sixties, fight your way through the centuries and meet a huge cast of colorful and wacky characters. Ever wanted to fight monsters with an apple in a tie, a UFO, and some disembodied arms? Now’s your chance.

Reverse 1999 is available right now on Google Play. We’ve also got a Reverse 1999 tier list, and a Reverse 1999 codes guide.

Reverse 1999 Best Team

A Reverse 1999 team is made up of three characters (kind of, we’ll explain below.). First thing you need when building a team is a good distribution of roles. You need at least one core damage dealer, and one support to complement the damage-dealer. A third position is a place for a secondary one of the previous categories, or a healer who can keep the team standing while the others do their thing.

The Damage Dealer – Regulus

One of the first characters you meet in Reverse 1999, Regulus is not to be underestimated. This pirate DJ is a great all-rounder who can slot into any team. Her damage is decent, and she can use Challenge For The Eyes to damage opponents’ Moxie at higher levels of the skill.

In addition, Sleepless Rave not only does great damage, but it also gives allies the ‘Riot And Roll’ status that leaves them immune to all but ultimate attacks for one turn, so great for giving yourself some breathing space.

The Support – Baby Blue

We promise we’re not going down a rabbit hole here. Baby Blue and her very smiley cat are our pick for a support character. This proper Victorian lady’s skills are excellent at softening up your opponents.

She can also turn status effects back on themselves, with her Tea With Friends skill inflicting some brutal karma in the form of the ‘Nightmare’ status. Afflicted enemies won’t be able to attack until they’re attacked themselves. Between Blue and Regulus, the monsters might struggle to get a word in.

The Healer – Medicine Pocket

Nice coat! It has pockets. This healer character can not only mass heal, but their main healing skill reduces damage the team members receive.

We love not giving enemies any chance to menace us, so Pocket’s ’26 Secondary Reactions’ skill, hitting hard and inflicting Daze is also very welcome.

The Substitute Slot – Whoever You Like!

You can slot a fourth character into your team along with your three main picks. This substitute character can tag-team into the battle if one of your squad gets taken out. This can be handy in a tight spot, but you don’t want to waste your MVPs sitting on the benches, so don’t put anyone super valuable here.

The fourth slot can be handy if there’s a character you want to build a bond with, but don’t actually want in your squad. (When you love them but they suck in battle.)

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