Perils In Paradise Is A Tropical Update Set To Drop In Hearthstone In July!

Something is brewing in Azeroth! Perils in Paradise, the next big expansion of Hearthstone drops on July 23rd. There’s a new keyword and there’s even a new resort for you to chill this summer. So, keep reading to get the full scoop!

Hearthstone Is Getting Tropical With Perils In Paradise

During the update, you can have a getaway this summer, vacationing at The Marin. It’s a fancy new resort in Azeroth. It’s all sunny skies and sandy beaches, where you can expect some exciting new mechanics, including the Tourist keyword.

You might be thinking what’s that now, right? Well, it’s a new feature that lets you sneak cards from another class into your deck during deckbuilding. Each class gets its own Tourist card. Hearthstone has revealed only two Tourists, as of now. Before I give you a lowdown on them, take a look at the Perils In Paradise update in Hearthstone below!

Who Are The Two Tourists?

The first one is Sunsapper Lynessa for Paladin. She’s a rogue Tourist who doubles down on cheap spells. Then there’s Buttons, the Shaman Tourist. He can draw spells from every school of magic. Each class gets their own Tourist with unique abilities.

Overall, Perils in Paradise introduces 145 new cards in Hearthstone. Among them are drink-themed spells you can cast three times and Location cards that can change the game if certain conditions are met. It’s more than a month for Perils in Paradise to drop in Hearthstone but the fun has already begun! You can log in now and get a legendary card, Marin the Manager, for free.

Battlegrounds and Duos now let you get a Buddy, with 12 new Buddies and updates to 23 existing ones. You can buy the Perils in Paradise Mega Bundle for $79.99. It includes 80 Perils in Paradise card packs, one random Golden Legendary card, one random Signature Legendary card, 10 Golden Perils in Paradise card packs and the Hakkar the Houndmaster Card Back and Hero Skin.

So, go ahead and grab the game from the Google Play Store. And before leaving, take a look at our other news. Play Or Create, The Choice Is Yours! Lemmings Puzzle Adventure Drops Creatorverse Globally.

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