Magia Exedra, A Mysterious Upcoming Game To Join The Madoka Magica Universe Soon

We’re returning to the world of magical girls with the upcoming mobile game Magia Exedra. The teaser PV paints a cryptic picture. A lone girl “who has lost everything” stands in a lighthouse, shrouded in shadows. Who is she? What secrets does this place hold? Here’s the gist: a mysterious new girl finds herself in a fantastical lighthouse. This lighthouse, it turns out, is a sanctuary for the memories of magical girls. Whoops! It looks like we stumbled onto a big secret.

The recently released teaser trailer, available in English and Japanese, also hints at a story in which players help this heroine gather fragments of the past. Think of it as a magical girl memory scrapbook, but way more relaxed.

Global Release?

This English trailer has sparked hope among fans for a simultaneous global release, avoiding the year-long wait that plagued Magia Record, another Madoka Magica mobile game. Also, remember the disappointment of Magia Record’s English release? Fans were left scrambling to keep up with the breakneck pace of the Japanese version.

Speaking of global appeal, the English Twitter account additionally hints at a simultaneous worldwide release. That’s a welcome change for international fans who’ve been left out in the cold in the past.

Furthermore, with a fresh start, there’s a chance the developers learned from past experiences. Here’s hoping for a smoother ride for players this time around. Magia Exedra promises to be a captivating new chapter in the Madoka Magica universe. Additionally, we can expect to see familiar faces alongside this new amnesiac heroine. Just what kind of memories are we collecting? What mysteries lie within the lighthouse? Only time, and maybe a little magical girl battling, will tell!

The game is about to release in 2024, so for further updates keep track of their official website.

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