Kingdom Delays Version 5.6 Update, Here’s The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Cookie Run: Kingdom announced their latest version 5.6 update, which is titled ‘Dark Resolution’s Glorious Return’. A lot has been planned for this update, some of which are obviously good, and others? Not so much.

Cookie Run: Kingdom version 5.6 update is the sequel to Version 5.5 and is full of a bunch of new content. It’s set to drop new Cookies, fresh episodes, limited-time events, toppings, treasures and more. Let’s start with The Good of this update.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 5.6 Update – The Good

First up on the list of new cookies is the Ancient+ Cookie named Dragon Lord Dark Cacao Cookie. We’ll talk about its rarity in a bit. With a Charge type and a front-line position, his Awakened King skill allows him to swing the Chocoblade and rain down a lot of hurt with fatal wounds and a CRIT Resist debuff on enemies. He also teams up with the Twin Dragons for an epic forceful strike.

There’s a special gacha, the Nether-Gacha: Light of True Resolution, offering a higher chance of pulling Dragon Lord Dark Cacao Cookie. Every 250 pulls, you’re guaranteed to meet him. Even if you don’t have 250 pulls in you, you’ll get extra goodies like Light of True Resolution items or Dragon Lord Dark Cacao Cookie’s Soulstones.

Next, there’s also a new Epic Cookie joining the roster: Peach Blossom Cookie. A Support type, Peach Blossom Cookie hangs out in the rear and employs the Heavenly Fruit skill to heal the team. It also drops Peach Bao fruits that bolster DMG Resist and Debuff Resist for allies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom version 5.6 update is also rolling out a new episode in World Exploration. The long-suffering hero Dark Cacao Cookie continues his saga in ‘Dark Resolution’s Glorious Return.’ Expect battle stages with the Yin and Yang effect in this one.

The Bad… And The Ugly

Now, let’s talk about the new rarity: Ancient+. It’s a step up, with a max promotion level of 6-star for the rare cookies. You can Progress through ★2/★4/★6 and the design gets better with new character lines. This is bad. If you’re new to the game, you might be wondering why this is bad.

Because the game already has ten rarities. Ten! With Ancient+ being the 11th, the Cookie Run: Kingdom version 5.6 update announcement hit a sour note within the community. Introducing these higher rarity cookies as separate entities rather than buffing existing characters has got players angry.

So, then it turned ugly. The Korean Cookie Run community and the whale guilds threatened to boycott the game if the devs didn’t reconsider the scummy rarities. Thankfully, the devs listened! They’re postponing the update from tomorrow (June 20th) to reconsider the new changes. Check out this official tweet and stay tuned for more updates.

What do you think about this whole mess? Comment and let us know. And in the meantime, check out our other news. Perils In Paradise Is A Tropical Update Set To Drop In Hearthstone In July.

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