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Noticed the Gym League Auras but have no clue what they are? Before spending in-game cash on them, find out their purpose and how to unlock them for your character!

Spin for auras in Gym League! To learn more about the game, check out our Gym League Gravity Gym guide. For free rewards, have a nosey at our Gym League Codes!

Gym League Auras

Despite the auras looking like a purely cosmetic item to collect, they actually come with buffs! The rarer the aura, the better. However, this does require spinning plenty of times and getting lucky. While equipping an aura makes your avatar look significantly cooler as you pump iron, you can activate some decent buffs simultaneously. Keep in mind that Auras are separate from the Gym League Body Alters!

Aura Rarities

Each spin in Gym League costs 1.5K of in-game cash, which you accumulate by playing the game. Every aura buffs your income, with the rarer auras providing a much larger boost. There are 5 rarities in Gym League so far:

Common Auras

All Common auras have a 63.9% chance to drop.

  • Default
  • Crimson Fog
  • Yellow Fog
  • Pink Aura
  • Teal Fog
  • Black Fog
  • Fog
  • Orange Aura
  • Red Aura
  • Green Aura

Rare Auras

Rare auras have a 25% drop rate chance.

Epic Auras

Auras of the Epic rarity have a 10% chance to drop while spinning.

Legendary Auras

Legendary auras have a 1% chance to drop, making them the second-rarest in the game.

  • Super Saiyan Blue
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Slime

Mythical Auras

The rarest auras in the game with a 0.1% drop rate chance.

  • Ultra Instinct
  • Psycho
  • Galaxy

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