DEVASTATING DOUGH NEWS: Huge Menu Changes Hit Columbia Harbour House in Disney World!

Is there anything better than…FRIED DOUGH?

Funnel Cake

Funnel cake, churros, beignets…you can find them all in Disney World, and they are 🎵a few of my favorite things🎵. But today, I come to you with some sad news, because one of my favorite forms of fried dough is GONE. GONE, I tell you.

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Here at Disney Food Blog, we take a meander through Disney World’s menus every single day. And today we noticed something that gave us a JOLT. Hushpuppies are GONE from the menu at Columbia Harbour House.

Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House is a fan-favorite quick-service restaurant in Magic Kingdom. It serves up fried fish, chicken tenders, and more…along with sides like french fries and hushpuppies. Well, it DID serve hushpuppies…


Surely they weren’t GONE?! It had to be a mistake. So one of our reporters hustled on over to Liberty Square today to check. And guys, it wasn’t a mistake. They’re off the menu. Cast Members said they didn’t think they are coming back — and that they don’t understand the change either, because hushpuppies were a very popular side here.


RIP, delicious balls of fried cornbread goodness. And that’s not all, here are the other menu changes we spotted at Columbia Harbour House today:

The New England Shrimp Boil, Grilled Shrimp Skewer, Sea Captains Fish Sandwich, Mixed Greens Salad, Chicken Strips, and Plant-Based Crab Cake Sandwich have all been removed from the menu.

Some new things have been added to the menu, as well, including Shrimp Skewer Platter, Fried Shrimp Platter, Shrimp Salad, Fish Platter, and Chicken Platter. And there’s a new vegan item, as well — the Crispy Mushroom Roll. And we’ve gotta say, it looks great!

New vegan sandwich at Columbia Harbour House

Now it does look like some of these menu changes are tweaks, rather than whole new items. For example, we noticed that the items on the Trio Platter at the restaurant used to be described like this: “Combination of Fried Shrimp, Chicken Strips, and Battered Fish served with Hushpuppies and choice of Side.” And the Trio Platter description now reads like this: “Combination of Beer-battered Shrimp, Chicken, and Beer-Battered Fish served with French Fries.” (We highly recommend this Trio Platter by the way — it’s a great value, and a great meal to split if you’re into that kind of thing!)

Trio Platter at Columbia Harbour House (the “old” version)

We didn’t get a chance to stop and try these new items today, but rest assured we’ll be back SOON with a review of what’s new at Columbia Harbour House. So keep following DFB for the latest Disney food news — and please sign our petition to BRING BACK HUSHPUPPIES IN MAGIC KINGDOM. (Just kidding, we haven’t started a petition…YET.)

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Will you miss the hushpuppies at Columbia Harbour House? Let us know in the comments below!

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