Children Of The Light Set To Celebrate Pride Month With Days Of Color Event

Sky: Children of the Light is back with another amazing event; it’s the Days of Color. This event is making a vibrant return starting Monday, June 24th, and running until July 7th. The Sky kids will be soaring through the clouds, spreading love and hope as they tackle a growing rainbow puzzle each day.

Sky: Children of the Light is dropping Days of Color for a fantastic cause. The event showcases the game’s and its makers’ support of The Trevor Project. In case you don’t know, The Trevor Project is an American nonprofit organization that focuses on suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ+ youth.

Here’s What’s Actually Happening During The Days of Color

During the Days of Color event, you can head over to the spacious area above Daylight Prairie Village in Sky: Children of the Light. You’ll get a new piece of the puzzle every day. Once you complete the puzzle, you’ll unlock a new feature that’ll speed up your Sky kid.

There’s also a rainbow-shaped event currency scattered around. You can collect these to snag new cosmetics like a colourful glam cut hairstyle and a rainbow mask. And don’t worry if you get stuck on the puzzle. A magical geyser nearby will add a splash of colour to your cape and help you out.

Sky: Children of the Light has dropped a teaser trailer for the Days of Color event. Take a look at it here!

Let’s Celebrate Everyone!

Days of Color celebrates diversity and inclusion. It’s one of those events that really brings the community together. So, it’s an opportunity for all the players to make connections. Along with that, you can personalise your avatar and create shareable content as you float around in Sky’s dreamy kingdom above the clouds.

To jump into the action, chat with the Spirits in Aviary Village or Home. They’ll whisk you away to the bright, spacious area where all the magic happens. And if you’re eager to know what goodies the event will bring, check out the official announcement to know more!

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