Capture Slime Monsters (And Their DNA) In Sandbox-Style Game Suramon!

Solohack3r Studios, the indie developer, has just dropped a new monster-battling and slime-farming RPG. It’s called Suramon. This developer has dropped other retro-style RPGs like Beast Slayer, Neopunk – Cyberpunk RPG and Knightblade.

What’s Suramon About?

You step into a vibrant world known as Suramon which is teeming with colourful slime monsters. These little critters are integral to your journey. Your mission in the game is twofold. First, you need to build up your Suradex by capturing these creatures. Suradex is an encyclopedia of all the slime critters that call the region home.

Second, unravel the mystery surrounding the ominous Fuchsia Corp. What are they up to, and why do they want all these slime creatures? There’s a story in the game, too. You inherit your father’s farm after he passes away. It’s a typical start to any rural adventure, except in Suramon you farm slime instead of focusing on crops and animals.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t grow crops at all. You’ll also plant crops and interact with villagers who will bring new quests to you. You can romance and get married, too! Also, you get to dabble in mini-games at the local casino, including slots and card games. You can also mine for gold and other jewels.

On that note, catch a glimpse of Suramon below!

What Sets It Apart?

One of Suramon’s standout features is its hybrid gameplay. It blends classic RPG elements with a Pokémon-esque creature collection system. You’ll explore an expansive open world, battle over 100 different types of slimes and collect Suramon Cubes that hold their genetic material.

Suramon launched on Steam for PC players in March 2024. On Android, it’s a one-time purchase with no ads or in-app purchases. Go ahead and check it out on the Google Play Store.

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