Anime Strategy RPG Ash Echoes Calls You to Pre-Register for Global Launch!

Tencent’s Ash Echoes just blasted open its pre-registration doors. That means you can sign up now to snag some in-game goodies as soon as the game launches on PC, Android, and iOS.

Skyrift Incident: A Glimpse into the Chaos

If you’re curious about what Ash Echoes has in store, check out the recently released “Skyrift Incident” trailer on YouTube. It’s a mind-bending mix of flying cars, glitching skyscrapers, and everyday objects going haywire. Think Doctor Strange on a sugar rush. Seriously, the trailer throws a lot of mystery at you, leaving you wanting more.

The story of Ash Echoes puts you in the shoes of the CEO of Ash Technology. A mysterious force threatens to tear apart multiple universes. Now, it’s your job to assemble a team of heroes from different realities to stop it. That’s right, you’ll be hopping dimensions and recruiting allies with unique skills to fight the good fight. Assembling your dream team will definitely be a challenge, but hey, with the fate of the multiverse on your shoulders, what’s a little interdimensional travel with friends?

How Does It Play?

Ash Echoes is a turn-based strategic RPG, so expect to outsmart your opponents on a grid-based battlefield. From the information available, you’ll need to consider elemental abilities and strategize your moves carefully to emerge victorious.

The developers, Aurogon Shanghai and Neocraft Studios (known for titles like Primon Legion and Tales of Wind), are keeping a tight lid on details for now. However, based on the closed beta testing in China, Ash Echoes seems to be shaping up to be a visually stunning game with a compelling storyline. There’s still a lot under wraps, including the exact release date. So, pre-register now and stay tuned for more info!

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