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Our Anime Defenders Midas Touch Guide will explain what the Anime Defenders Midas Touch trait is, what it does, and how you can get it.

To play for yourself, visit the official Roblox website. We also have an Anime Defenders Muscular Sorcerer Guide and an Anime Defenders Secret Units Guide.

Anime Defenders Midas Touch

Midas Touch is a trait in Anime Defenders. Traits are used to change the stats of your units, giving them a boost and making them stronger. Each trait offers a unique buff, and all traits have a different rarity of obtaining.

To get traits, you will need Trait Crystals. Below are the different ways to get your hands on them.

  • Challenges – Participate and win challenges
  • Robux – Use Robux to purchase Trait Crystals
  • Quests – Complete the daily and weekly quests

You can reroll for different traits in the trait reroll section in the game, which you will find in the Summons area. When you reroll for a new trait, your current trait will be discarded. Therefore, even if your current trait is of higher ranking than your new trait, it’ll still be wiped.

Obtaining Midas Touch

You have a 1.5% chance of obtaining the Midas Touch trait… which is pretty slim. Rather than spending all your Trait Crystals to get it, I recommend using Luck Potions. You can either purchase the potion or have the chance to win it by completing quests. After using the Luck Potion, you will get a Luck Boost. Use this and then reroll for Midas Touch to improve your chances.

What Does Midas Touch Do?

Midas Touch increases any money you have earned from a farm unit by 15%. In case you don’t know,  Farm units do not attack when on the field. Farm Units find and generate Yen throughout each wave, and you can use that Yen to upgrade and place new units. There are currently two Farming Units in the game:

  • Pink Rockstar – Legendary rarity
  • Bloomer – Epic rarity

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