Street Fighter 6’s Akuma raid boss and Twitch plays events were “a big hit” according to Capcom

According to senior developers on Street Fighter 6 meta events for Akuma – including a Twitch plays community stream and a raid boss style encounter inside the game’s battle hub – were a success in the eyes of the development team at Capcom.

In fact, speaking to Kotaku at Summer Game Fest, both director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto state that this kind of fun, fresh take on a character launch in something the team is keen to explore in the future, noting that both were a big hit.

The pair state, “When we did the raid boss event with Akuma in the battle hub that was a big hit. That just made [us] realize there should be more opportunities to get people excited about events like that, that’s something [we] want to explore in the near future.”

These sorts of wacky events, taking place both inside and outside of the game itself, marked the Street Fighter team’s first real venture this kind of live service affair. The community behind these games have been carrying the load for the longest time, especially tournament organizers and content creators, so it’s good to see the development team itself hop on board. Especially with how cool these little events were! The Twitch players Akuma stream was brilliant fun, allowing casual fans to see a bit of what Akuma can do while also bringing a bit of hilarity to the shindig.

How often would you like to see these sorts of events pop up in Street Fighter 6? Would one for every character release be too much, or the least the team could do? Let us know below!

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