Floors Have Teeth Symbol Code Guide

Stumped on the third puzzle in Floors Have Teeth? Or just too busy trying to stay alive to give it much thought? Either way, we can help! Our Floors Have Teeth symbol code guide tells you exactly how to solve it.

Floors Have Teeth is free to play now on Roblox. We also have a Floors Have Teeth hammer guide which should help you get to the right place.

Floors Have Teeth Symbol Code Guide

Right, let’s get into the puzzle.

Where Is The Symbol Puzzle?

You find the symbol puzzle down in the sewers, a stage you reach by climbing down the well from the basement area using a rope. After you pick up the crowbar, gasmask, and pistol you can venture into the area, and meet its rather hostile inhabitants. At least you can shoot them now.

The symbol puzzle is found through a hole in the wall at the end of the metal catwalk section. Be careful, as an enemy might try to rush you shortly after you step through.

Use a crowbar to open the locked door you find down there, to reveal a console with four buttons, each marked with strange symbols, along with a level.

How To Solve The Symbol Puzzle

Solving the puzzle is actually simpler than the previous two. Head down the stairs next to the door and you’ll see some mannequins pointing into an alcove. Look inside and you’ll see some symbols written on the wall, onces that match the buttons. Note down or try to remember the sequence.

Head back to the room, and hit the buttons in the order that they appear written on the wall. Once you’ve done that, pull the lever next to the buttons. If you got it right you should hear the bridge outside lower down, allowing you to keep pushing on deeper into the sewers.

Er, you first.

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