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Ready to dive into the Anime Defenders Tower of Eternity game mode? It features multiple floors with randomised waves to complete. Each floor provides special rewards, with the later floors posing more of a challenge!

If you’re level 30, hop into the Tower of Eternity now in Anime Defenders! To upgrade your units for the tower, it’s time to obtain traits – read our Anime Defenders Traits guide to learn more. While the Tower of Eternity is great for earning gems, check out our Anime Defenders Gems guide to learn what they can be used for.

Anime Defenders Tower of Eternity

Tower of Eternity is one of the latest additions to the game with update 2. It’s essentially a dungeon crawler which takes you up each tower floor. Every floor has a randomised layout and set of enemies. But before you can even start, your character must be level 30! If you are below this level, you can’t enter the Tower of Eternity, even the ‘lobby’ area of the new mode.

How Does the Tower of Eternity Work?

When you start a Tower of Eternity run, the enemies spawn by walking through a portal. Like in the normal game mode, the enemies walk along a set path, which is displayed on the ground. They make their way to the portal on the opposite side, and you need to defeat them before they can get to it! For each floor, there are a set amount of waves to beat, putting your units to the test.

On the earlier floors, I suggest prioritising the space around the enemy spawn. Place your best units around here, including those that deal Burn, and can attack with AoE abilities. Play as you usually would in the normal mode, and upgrade your units during each wave. Utilising your support units is a good shout too, especially those that buff your team and those that increase your in-game currency (money farm units).

Tower of Eternity Rewards

On the topic of in-game currency, Tower of Eternity is also a great way to farm cash and gems. The former works best when you have a money-farming unit like Pink Rockstar and Bloomer. However, the influx of gems is one of the main highlights of this game mode! Here are the current rewards for the Tower of Eternity:

  • Between Floors 1 and 15
  • Between Floors 16 and 25
  • Between Floors 26 and 40
    • 220 Gems
    • 1 Risky Dice
    • 1 Trait Crystal
  • From Floor 41 and Above
    • 250 Gems
    • 1 Risky Dice
    • 2 Trait Crystals

As you can see, you can earn a ton of gems just from completing Tower of Eternity floors. The later levels increase in difficulty, but if your team is strong enough, you should easily breeze through them.

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