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Noticed the new Anime Defenders Titles feature? There are plenty of titles to unlock in the game, with some being unobtainable unless you’re one of the head honchos!

Head into Infinite Mode or the Tower of Eternity in Anime Defenders to work towards a title. For more content on Update 2, read our Anime Defenders Rift Sorcerer guide – the new secret unit based on Gojo!

Anime Defenders Titles

Your obtained units aren’t the only thing you can flex in-game now! With the release of Update 2, you can now equip titles. At this current time, most of the unlockable titles are reserved for those who reach the top 500 or above in Season 1. Some titles are only available for the higher-ups!

Unlockable Titles

Any player can unlock these titles!

Infinite Mode

Participate in the Infinite Mode challenges during Season 1 to be in with a chance of getting any of these titles.

  • (S1 Inf) Top 10
    • Reach the top 10 in Infinite Mode during Season 1
  • (S1 Inf) Top 25
    • Reach the top 25 of all players in Infinite Mode during Season 1
  • (S1 Inf) Top 50
    • Participate in the Season 1 Infinite Mode and place somewhere in the top 50 within the rankings
  • (S1 Inf) Top 100
    • Slightly more achievable than the ones above! Get into the top 10 players in the Season 1 Infinite Mode
  • (S1 Inf) Top 500
    • If you play a lot of Infinite Mode during Season 1, you can easily get into the top 500 for this title

Tower of Eternity

Climb your way up the Tower of Eternity to obtain these titles.

  • (S1 ToE) Top 10
    • Reach the top 10 of all players in the Tower of Eternity during Season 1
  • (S1 ToE) Top 25
    • Become part of the top 25 players in the Season 1 edition of Tower of Eternity
  • (S1 ToE) Top 50
    • Climb your way up the leaderboard into the top 50 by playing through the Season 1 Tower of Eternity mode
  • (S1 ToE) Top 100
    • Get into the top 100 players in the rankings for the Tower of Eternity during Season 1
  • (S1 ToE) Top 500
    • The more likely title to get, the top 500 rankings are a little easier to get into during Season 1 of the Tower of Eternity

Head Honcho Titles

The big boss titles! If you see anyone with these titles, they’re an important part of the game behind the scenes.

  • Tester
    • If you’re an official tester for Anime Defenders, you get to flex this title!
  • Chai
    • The Head Manager of Anime Defenders is the only person who has this title – a rare find indeed!
  • Early Access
    • For those who participated in the Early Access for Anime Defenders, you should already have this title in your inventory
  • Admin
    • Reserved for those who are admins for the game (and potentially the Discord server)
  • Planner
    • Exactly what it says! If you’re an Anime Defenders planner, you get this title (I’m not entirely sure what a planner is, but I’m guessing it has something to do with planning out new updates. Basically, they’re one of the head honchos for the game!)
  • Owner
    • The official Owner of Anime Defenders can proudly show this fact in a server with this title
  • Staff
    • Exclusive title for staff members. This includes anyone associated with working behind the scenes in Anime Defenders
  • Contributor
    • If you contribute to Anime Defenders in any way, you unlock the Contributor title
  • Dev
    • An extremely rare title to see, this one can only be equipped by the game’s developers!
  • CC
    • All content creators who are officially recognised by the Anime Defenders team gain access to this title (this is the case for YouTubers and other social media platforms)

Paid Titles

These titles are unlocked via spending in-game coins or Robux.

  • VIP
    • You need to purchase the VIP Gamepass to unlock this title for your character

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