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The Anime Defenders Rift Sorcerer is a secret unit in Update 2! Already classed as a Meta unit, the Rift Sorcerer is a great AoE addition to any team.

Summon the Rift Sorcerer in Anime Defenders! Enjoying the content in Update 2? Learn more about the latest game mode with our Anime Defenders Tower of Eternity guide.

Anime Defenders Rift Sorcerer

The secret’s out! The Rift Sorcerer is currently available on the ‘Blizzard Winds’ limited banner. He’s the latest secret unit in the game, with an estimated 0.01% drop rate chance. If you haven’t guessed already by the name, the Rift Sorcerer is Gojo Satoru from the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise.

With him being a secret unit, the Rift Sorcerer is already being classed as part of the ‘meta’, making him a must for all teams. As for his role on the battlefield, he is a hybrid unit! Excelling in DPS, he’s great for dealing with groups of enemies all at once on the ground. His abilities are all AoE attacks, ranging from line formations to circles (this depends on the upgrade level!). In his later upgrades, the Rift Sorcerer also unlocks new moves, such as the Charged Energy Ball.

By his tenth upgrade, Gojo deals 3.2K+ damage, with a range of 37.7. This is ideal for AoE units as their attacks reach further across the field. However, the total damage for the Rift Sorcerer isn’t as impressive as other units, such as the Curse Prince.

How to Evolve the Rift Sorcerer

The Rift Sorcerer evolves into the Awakened Rift Sorcerer with the Dimension Pendant. The unique part of this item’s recipe is the 2 Dark Star Rifts! Like the other Star Rifts, the Dark variant is obtained by completing challenges. This new Star Rift type has a 5% chance of dropping at the end of a mission. The full crafting recipe for the Dimension Pendant is:

  • 2 Dark Star Rifts
  • 8 Red Star Rifts
  • 8 Purple Star Rifts
  • 8 Blue Star Rifts
  • 2 Rainbow Star Rifts
  • 38 Yellow Star Rifts

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