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Our Anime Defenders Muscular Sorcerer Guide will cover who the Anime Defenders Muscular Sorcerer is, what he does and how you can get him for yourself!

Visit the official Roblox website to play. We also have an Anime Defenders Meta Units Guide and an Anime Defenders Crystals Guide.

Anime Defenders Muscular Sorcerer Guide

I’m so excited to write this guide because of who this unit is inspired by…

Who Is The Muscular Sorcerer?

The Muscular Sorcerer is a Mythical Unit that you can obtain by rolling on the Limited Banner in Update 2 of Anime Defenders. The banner is only available until June 30th 2024, so make sure to get in there! He is inspired by Toji Fushiguro from the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise (I’m holding back my fangirl screams).

Muscular Sorcerer Evolution

You can evolve the Muscular Sorcerer by crafting a Cursed Dagger. To craft a Cursed Dagger, you will need the following items:

  • x7 Blue Star
  • x7 Red Star
  • x45 Yellow Star
  • x2 Rainbow Star
  • x1 Dark Star
  • x7 Purple Star

Once you have them, simply go to the crafting area to make the Cursed Dagger. After that, simply use it to evolve the Muscular Sorcerer.

Muscular Sorcerer Rerolls

You can reroll to be in different ranks, and to do this, you will need Risky Dice. Risky Dice is used to reroll your unit’s statistics, which includes the Damage, Range, and Cooldown of your unit. You can reroll as many times as you’d like… just make sure you have enough Risky Dice! If you want a full rundown on how to rank reroll, we have a How to Obtain the Anime Defenders Risky Dice guide.

You can also reroll for different traits to give to your units. However, be careful! When you reroll for a new trait, it will remove the trait you already have, regardless if it has a higher or lower ranking.

We also have an Anime Defenders Traits Guide if you’d like more information! Rerolling is a great way to make the Muscular Sorcerer more powerful. Reroll until you get good ranks and traits, then make sure to upgrade him so he can be the strongest there is!

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