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Our Anime Defenders Monster Sorcerer Guide will explain who the Anime Defenders Monster Sorcerer is, what he does, and how you can obtain him.

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Anime Defenders Monster Sorcerer Guide

Let’s take a look at who this unit is!

Who Is The Monster Sorcerer?

The Monster Sorcerer is the evolved unit of the Beast Sorcerer unit. He is a Mythic Unit, so getting your hands on him is tricker compared to others. Just like all other characters in the game, he is inspired by a character from an anime/manga. The Beast/Monster Sorcerer is inspired by Megumi Fushiguro from the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise, which I’m so happy about, because Megumi is one of my favourites!

How To Obtain

First things first, you will need to get the Beast Sorcerer. You can obtain the Beast Sorcerer in the Summons area in the Blizzard Winds Limited Time Banner. The banner is only available for a limited amount of time and ends on June 30th 2024, so make sure to grind lots of Gems to do pulls on this banner.

Once you have the Beast Sorcerer, you only need one more item to get the Monster Sorcerer! You will need to craft a Spirit Pendant. Below are the materials you will need to craft it:

  • 35000 Gold
  • x34 Yellow Stars
  • x7 Purple Stars
  • x6 Green Stars
  • x8 Red Stars
  • x2 Dark Stars
  • x1 Rainbow Stars

After you have crafted this, you are able to evolve your Beast Sorcerer into the Monster Sorcerer by using the Spirit Pendant.

Monster Sorcerer Upgrades

The Monster Sorcerer has 12 different upgrades. Naturally the higher you want to upgrade him, the more it’ll cost. In my opinion, the price is worth it, as the Monster Sorcerer will become stronger with each upgrade.

If you want to make him even stronger, you can trait reroll, which will change the traits your unit has. It’s important to note that if you do decide to reroll, the trait you currently have will be discarded. If you reroll a trait which is of a lower ranking to your current trait, your previous trait will still be wiped! Think before you reroll.

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