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Need to take part in some Anime Defenders Challenges? If you have any Mythic units, you’ll have to! Challenges provide one of the most crucial resources in the game.

Ready to dive into a challenge in Anime Defenders? Before you do that, it’s best to check if your team is strong enough! We’ve got an Anime Defenders Mythic Tier List that ranks every Mythic unit from best to worst. Or, you can take a look at our Anime Defenders Beast Sorcerer guide, which covers one of the latest units in the game.

Anime Defenders Challenges

Challenges! A very important part of Anime Defenders. The challenges are separate from the typical game mode (and raids), as they differ in terms of difficulty and rules. To find the Challenges area, you need to look for the purple ‘Challenges Sign’ – it’s just around the corner from the Tower of Eternity!

For instance, some challenges increase the enemy’s HP by 2x. Others increase the cost per unit that you place! These challenges are available to play for a specific amount of time, with the timer on the right side of the challenge box. 6 challenges are available at once, and they all share a timer, lasting around 60 minutes. This means you can enter the challenge within this time – the match won’t take 60 minutes, so don’t worry!

Possible Challenge Maps

  • Blue Planet
  • Windmill Village
    • A Thumping Mess
    • Shadows of Betrayal

Challenge Rewards

The main appeal of challenges is the rewards that you obtain upon completion. Challenges are the main game mode that you participate in for Star Rifts and other rare items. Star Rifts are essential for crafting items that are used to evolve your units. Not all missions provide the same rewards, so you need to double-check the possible rewards before heading in.

Potential Rewards

The drop rate chance per Star Rift and item may change depending on the challenge, but these percentages are the most common!

  • Star Rifts
    • Blue 50%
    • Red 50%
    • Yellow
    • Green 50%
    • Purple 50%
    • Rainbow 5%
    • Dark 5%
  • Gems
  • Meat
  • Alien Fruit
  • Gold

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