Dragon Age: The Veilguard is “almost the total inverse” of Mass Effect in one key way

BioWare is known for its RPGs, though where titles like Mass Effect lean into the action, Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be more about the roleplay.

After years of waiting to see actual gameplay, Dragon Age: The Veilguard (formerly known as Dreadwolf) finally got a full reveal, with a big gameplay trailer promising an exciting-looking adventure. While it didn’t start as particularly action heavy, the Dragon Age series certainly has headed more in that direction over the years, with The Veilguard looking no different. But in an interview with RPG Site, The Veilguard director Corinne Busche did make it clear that the game will focus more on the RPG side of things, unlike its more action-laden counterpart Mass Effect.

“I really view Mass Effect as an ARPG,” Busche said. “Big action, minor RPG. We’re almost the total inverse of that.” Busche goes on to explain how, much like many games these days, The Veilguard does have a skill tree, described as “absolutely enormous and it is bespoke for your class… when it is unlocked, imagine almost a gigantic spider web-like visual. And if I’m a mage right at the very center is the core of the Mage kit.” RPG Site took a second to briefly interrupt Busche in the explanation of the skill tree, comparing it to Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid, which apparently is a partial influence on The Veilguard’s skilltree, though more in organisation – apparently Final Fantasy 12’s ability selection and passives are closer to what you can expect from the new Dragon Age game.

There is one way The Veilguard will be similar to Mass Effect though. The upcoming RPG won’t be open-world, but instead will be mission based. “We’ve gone back to what we believe delivers the best, most curated, intense narratives,” Busche said in a separate, recent Q&A (via PC Gamer). “You can go back, solve mysteries, do some really great side content⁠ – not fetch quests, not grind quests⁠ – some really great side content. But I want to be clear it’s a really curated, handcrafted experience.”

Alex got to go hands-on with the game recently, saying it’s both impressive and beautiful, even if it will inevitably split opinion. The RPG doesn’t have an exact release date just yet, but you can expect it sometime this fall on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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