Anime Defenders Update 2 Tier List – All New Units Ranked!

feature image for our anime defenders update 2 tier list which shows the newest units from the banner in action poses with their drop chances written in white on their profile

Will the new units be META or mid? This Anime Defenders Update 2 Tier List ranks all the newest characters on the summons roster. With plenty of new faces, you’ll have to rethink your team build!

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Anime Defenders Update 2 Tier List

For the purpose of knowing where the newer units rank, this tier list will rank from Legendary upwards including all existing Legendary+ units, as well as the new units. Don’t worry, the new Rare and Epic units will be in the rankings too!


The best of the best units! Units in this tier are typically OP and considered META, being the best at their particular attack pattern.

  • Ant King – Mythic
  • Beast Sorcerer – Mythic (New Limited Unit)
  • Elf Wizardess – Mythic
  • Flame Dragon King – Mythic
  • Warrior Princess – Mythic
  • Muscular Sorcerer – Mythic
  • Chance Taker – Secret
  • The Rift Sorcerer – Secret (New Limited Unit)
  • The Cursed Knight – Secret
  • The Gamer – Secret


These are good alternatives if you’re struggling to get those from the S-Tier rankings. These backup options still hold their own and are strong, just not the absolute best.

  • Pink Rockstar – Legendary
  • Cursed Archer – Legendary (New Limited Unit)
  • Admiral of Ice – Legendary
  • Bear King – Mythic
  • Carp – Mythic
  • Cursed Prince – Mythic
  • Donut Warrior – Mythic
  • Esper – Mythic
  • Skull Warrior – Mythic
  • Slime Spirit – Secret


Heading downward, these units are average when compared to others of the same rarity and higher. They offer some nice uses and are a nice team filler.

  • Shinobi Form 3 – Legendary
  • Strongest Swordsman – Legendary
  • Master Swordsman – Legendary
  • Electric Cyborg – Legendary
  • Cursed Fighter – Legendary
  • Sharpshooter – Mythic
  • Thunder Shinobi – Mythic
  • Water Swordsmaster – Mythic


Onto the weaker tiers, this is where units begin to fall short. Those in this tier aren’t entirely useless but offer much less than most in their rarity bracket. I’d recommend doing more summons.

  • Fire Swordsman – Rare (New Limited Unit)
  • Blood Demon – Epic (New Limited Unit)
  • Maxed Qi Master – Legendary
  • Admiral of Lava – Legendary
  • Admiral of Light – Legendary


I would not use these units at all! They’re kinda disappointing given their rarity status when compared to the others on this tier.

  • There are no units here! This is a good thing as all of your options are better than the worst.

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