Wizard With A Gun developer Galvanic Games are closing down

The developers of Wizard With A Gun are closing down. Galvanic Games, who released the sandbox survival game last year, said that ongoing sales of the game were not enough to keep the studio going, and they’d run out of time to find funding for a new project.

“Despite the promising start of Wizard With A Gun, sales are not strong enoguh to sustain our studio,” said the announcement shared on X by company founder Patrick Morgan. “The last year has been particularly tough for games. While we had numerous encouraging conversations at DICE and GDC, the process of signing new projects, even in a good year, takes longer than the runway we had left.”

Wizard With A Gun was published by Devolver Digital, which Morgan described as a “dream come true for us.” Morgan also shared a post on LinkedIn which points to some of the Galvanic Games team members who will now be looking for work.

Playable with 1-4 players and with an obvious combat-focus, Wizard With A Gun was also reminiscent of Don’t Starve in its camera perspective, art style and collect-and-craft survival mechanics. It seemed to be well received when it launched in October last year, but the game-playing audience is fickle. Wizard With A Gun has a couple of thousand Steam reviews and a very positive rating, compared to the superficially similar Cult Of The Lamb, published by Devolver Digital the previous year, which has over 67k.

Galvanic Games released two games before Wizard With A Gun, including futuristic point-and-click Some Distant Memory, which resonated with Katharine as we entered lockdown back in March 2020.

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